Dyal Jenkins is a new partnership, beginning January 1, 2020.  Our firm has three attorneys/partners, working from offices in Elberton, Georgia and the metro Atlanta area.  I will be operating from the Atlanta area office.  When I am not practicing law, I enjoy coaching my son’s basketball or baseball team, or rolling around on the living room floor with both of my sons and my wife.

Professionally, I see my occupation as a mechanism for helping others reconcile their differences in a reasonable manner, which is why I pursued mediation during law school and after graduation.  I prefer to resolve conflict, rather than create or prolong it.  There are, however, situations where reconciliation is only possible with a judge or jury; I approach such situations with as much professionalism and courtesy as possible.

I also represent whistleblowers who bring claims under the False Claims Act against those who are cheating the government.

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